Thursday, May 14, 2015

Product Review: Strike King Bitsy Bug

Company Description:  

  • Premium silicone skirt gives more action than a soft plastic body. 
  • Fiber weedguard helps prevent line from being cut like it can on wire guards.
  • Inverted line tie on the upper part of head helps keep line from being frayed on rocks. 
  • Snagless/weedless head design helps prevent jig from getting wedged in rocks. 
  • Quality construction and premium hooks 

Review:  The Bitsy Bug is one of those baits that I keep in my tackle bag.  I have them in every color and multiples in every size.  I've been lucky enough to catch so many fish on them that They've proven their worth to me in a big way.  The fact that they're very pretty snagless is what made me
start using them a few springs ago. But what I learned that made me keep buying them is that as the bass beat them up making them look less uniform the more bites I get.  The hooks are stout and sharp as a result they don't require you to set the hook with extreme force in order to catch a fish.  I personally don't even use any special equipment when using bitsy bugs.  My preference is just an 6 foot ugly stick (because I'm usually fishing from a float tube or kayak) paired with a low gear ratio spinning reel.

Pros: Comes in weights ranging from 1/16 oz to 1/4 oz as well as having a decent range of colors.  The best thing about this jig is the price.  

Cons: None

Price: 1.99

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